Mighty Pirates
Based in The Maltese Islands

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December, 2014



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Play this twisted version of the classic Pong game. We've taken it to a whole new level just to blow your mind away. Don't just hit the ball... hold onto it and change its trajectory until it hits the other side. Beat your friends scores, or battle it out on the same device


It started by trying to create a pong but with a twist. So we started experimenting on how we could make it playable on a mobile device, more challenging and also playable by two players. The key was the indirect manipulation of the paddle. It freaks out the players at first but then they get used to it. If we had made the paddle controlled by direct manipulation of the paddle, it would have been to easy to play. But still indirect control, didn't make it as challenging as we wanted it to be. So we added gravitation of the ball towards the paddle. That made it just awesome!


  • Tricky indirect manipulation of the paddle
  • Ball gravitates towards paddle
  • Amazing plasma simulation
  • Challenge your friends on GameCenter
  • Single player or Two player modes
  • Share video to show off your ball juggling techniques


There are currently no trailers available for #Rebound. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




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We're the Mighty Pirates, a Maltese independent games studio.

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